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Built on the strengths of our proven, reliable gas chromatography (GC) platform, our systems are easy-to-operate yet deliver the high performance, capacity and throughput analytical labs demand. Our comprehensive portfolio of instruments is comprised of the powerful Clarus® 590 and 690 GC instruments that deliver superior sensitivity, industry leading TurboMatrix sample handling technology with headspace, thermal desorption, liquid autosampling and SPME options, plus multiple detectors and a full line of accessories and consumables.

Clarus GC systems are controlled by our TotalChrom chromatography data system (CDS). This software can streamline your workflow and enables you to manage your GC data quickly and securely, in a regulated or non-regulated environment. Totalchrom CDS software is the best choice for demanding multi-user, multi-site operations where a number of instruments are in use. As a single source for all your GC needs – and across many industries, including food, environmental, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical, and more – we can help you create an integrated GC or GC/MS solution for your most critical applications.

  • Clarus 590 or 690 GC instruments – high performance, high capacity instruments deliver higher sensitivity and throughput with a new capillary injector and wide-range flame ionization detector (FID).
  • TurboMatrix Sample Handling options – most versatile portfolio of technologies that deliver unparalleled precision, are easy-to-operate and provide exceptional flexibility for the most efficient sample preparation.
  • Arnel GC analyzers – turnkey solutions designed to meet complex petrochemical challenges, industry standards and specifications.


Model No. Clarus 590 and 690 GC

  • Better characterization and fewer reruns with wide range flame ionization detector (FID).
  • Lower reporting limits and improved inertness with high performance Capillary Injector.
  • Higher throughput with best-in-class, fastest-heat-up and cool down conventional GC oven.
  • More versatility with multiple, industry-leading TurboMatrix™ sample handling options.

TurboMatrix Headspace and Headspace Trap Samplers

  • Solvent-free extraction of volatile compounds, eliminating the time-consuming steps and risk of human error associated with other GC sample-preparation methods.
  • Engineered to deliver unparalleled precision, sensitivity and productivity in a broad range of specialized applications-including forensics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and environmental.
  • Pressure-balanced technology allows samples to be introduced into the column without using a gas syringe or multiport valves, eliminating many of the sources of variability and contamination found in other systems.
  • One-touch operation with capacity options of 16, 40 and 110 vials.
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