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Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS & LC/MS/MS)

No matter what your application or matrices, our liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS) systems deliver the speed, sensitivity, exact mass information, wide dynamic range, and mass accuracy you need for having complete confidence in your results. These solutions are specifically designed for rapid and accurate mass identification and quantification across a broad range of applications, including food and cannabis testing, environmental (soil and water), industrial materials, and more.

Our QSight® Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS is a complete solution from method development to results and reporting. Running on the Simplicity 3Q software platform, this innovative system is easy-to-learn and use and is built on patented technologies that enable high sensitivity and performance, maximum uptime and unparalleled remote support capabilities.

For the QSight triple quad, we’ve paired the industry’s most flexible mass spectrometer with the equally capable QSight LX50 UHPLC system, delivering all the sensitivity and specificity you need for demanding applications such as pesticide-residue and nutritional-component analysis.


1.  QSight LX50 Solvent Delivery Module (N2991000): Our QSight® LX50 UHPLC integrates seamlessly to our QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS and its Simplicity software to deliver the highest levels of performance from sample handling through data collection and reporting. The system includes three key technologies that help optimize your workflow and enable high productivity.

2. QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS (BC003844, BC003382 , BC003264) : Ideal for analyzing food, cannabis, and environmental samples, our robust and reliable QSight® triple quad systems consistently deliver the throughput and productivity you need in your analytical testing lab. Now we’ve added the premier model to our QSight family: the high performance 400 series. This ready-to-implement solution has the highest sensitivity and throughput the industry has ever seen and the capability to test for the most challenging, complex samples, including cannabis.

3. AxION 2 TOF MS (MZ320025): The AxION® 2 TOF MS offers a broad array of capabilities designed to simplify and streamline virtually any analytical workflow and provides mass accuracy, full spectrum capability, speed, sensitivity, or dynamic range.


4. QSight SP50 Online SPE System (N2994500) :The QSight®SP50 online solid phase extraction (SPE) module facilitates sample clean-up, enrichment and concentration, obviating the need for elaborate and time-consuming sample preparation procedures. SP50 offers easy and efficient switching between traditional, direct injection UHPLC analyses and fully automated online SPE with sample pre-concentration, allowing for increased throughput and cost savings.

5. QS-Works Autosampler (BC006572): Maximize the efficiency of your LC-MS analysis with the PerkinElmer QS-Works Auto-sampler. This auto-sampler provides enhanced performance, large sample capacity, high-speed injection and multi-analyte processing which increases the productivity and throughput of your LC-MS system. This auto-sampler couples with our state-of-the-art Qsight® LC/MS/MS solution, and is seamlessly integrated with the powerful Simplicity software. Ideal solution for high throughput laboratories, the QS-Works Auto sampler features:

  • Excellent precision and robustness
  • Unattended 24/7 sample injections
  • Sample capacity : 420 x 1mL, 324 x 2mL, 90 x 10mL/20mL vials
    For additional sample capacity, an extra three-drawer stack can be added
  • Exceptional injection precision and minimal carryover enables flawless performance for LC-MS analysis
  • Temperature-controlled stack (4 to 40°C) to prevent thermally-sensitive samples from degradation
  • Simplicitysoftware solution enables efficient instrument control with rapid method development and data acquisition


Depth: 50.3 cm

Height: 54.7 cm

Technology Type:  LC-MS/MS

Weight: 22.27 kg

Width: 53.4 cm

6. AxION DSA (Direct Sample Analysis) System (MZ300560): The innovative AxION® DSA system brings a whole new level of ease, productivity and enhanced performance to any laboratory. From sample to results in seconds! The innovative AxION® DSA system brings a whole new level of ease, productivity and enhanced performance to any laboratory. No up-front chromatographic separation, lengthy method development, or sample preparation is needed when using the AxION DSA system. See how some analytical labs are experiencing the DSA difference:

  • Food manufacturers are delivering faster, high quality results to ensure safety and authenticity
  • Forensics screening for drugs is done in seconds, helping decrease sample backlogs and meet critical requirements
  • Environmental agencies can respond more quickly and effectively in detecting harmful contaminants in water and soil
  • Industrial companies are rapidly screening their raw materials to ensure quality and shorten their time to market
  • Pharmaceutical research and development chemists screen new drugs faster for increased efficiency in drug discovery


Maximum Temprature: 40 °C

Minimum Temperature: 4 °C

Portable: No

Product Brand Name: AxION

7. Ultraspray ESI Ion Source (MZ300021)

8. D130 Heron Bar Code Reader (09410104)

9. Simplicity 3QSoftware (BC004939) : When it comes to software, laboratories need a simple effective solution that is easy-to-use but provides the power to turn samples to knowledge. With the QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS Simplicity 3Q software, that’s precisely what we aim to achieve. This modular flexible software architecture includes a collection of integrated modules that guide users through a workflow-based experience from method development through to results, flexible data viewing options for sample data processing to accredited reporting. Now, with Simplicity 3Q Version 3.0 software , this brilliant software has been built to meet the compliance guidelines of ISO 17025 laboratories.

Compliance : Simplicity 3Q streamlines regulated laboratory compliance activities, incorporating e-signature, user management, role management, project management, file versioning and approve/review features to support 21 CFR Part 11 and ISO 17025 regulations in one, easy-to-use platform. Additionally, managers can customize user access directly in the Simplicity 3Q environment, mitigating many unnecessary IT challenges.

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